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Boot Care 101: How to Properly Care for and Maintain Your Combat Boots

combat bootsIf you work in a field that requires you to wear waterproof work boots or combat boots, you know the importance of taking care of them. Approximately $70 is spent per employee on foot protection annually, but the price of maintaining that footwear might be a little higher than you originally thought.

If you're not sure how to take care of your heavy duty work boots, you've come to the right place. We're about to tell you exactly what you need to know in order to keep those combat boots in tip top shape for a very long time. Here's what you need to be doing.

Break Them in Properly
Breaking in a pair of boots doesn't mean wearing them out to your first nine-hour day on the job site. Instead, you should take up to a week to break them in from the comfort of your home. Wear them around the house for a few hours every day before you wear them on the job. This will allow the leather to become more pliable, and it will allow the boots to better conform to your feet.

You can do this during or after breaking your boots in, but it's preferable for the leather to be pliable before you attempt to massage any oils in. Even more importantly, you need to do this before those beautiful boots ever set foot outside of your home. They should be prepared to handle just about anything the weather can throw at them.

Invest in a Dryer
A shoe dryer might seem like an unnecessary addition to your maintenance routine, but trust us when we say it's a good investment. If water gets inside your boots where the waterproofing oil can't go, a dryer will do you wonders, and in all likelihood, make your boots last longer.

Doing a simple inspection every now and again while you clean your steel toe boots can be highly beneficial to making your shoes last longer. Simply check for any tears, stains, or loose seams.

Caring for combat boots isn't all that difficult, but it's going to save you time and money in the long run. Don't wait to start performing proper maintenance on your shoes.