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Compare Magnum Work Boots

We know work boots. And we know the people who wear them. Hard working men and women need boots that work just as hard to keep them safe. After all, if you want to get a job done right, you need the right tools.

And your boots are one of the most important tools in your arsenal.

Magnum boots come in a wide variety of styles to best suit your needs. Professionals in different fields need boots catered to their specific job, as well as their personal preferences. You wouldn’t want to take a steel-toed work boot up a broken telephone pole teeming with live wires, would you?

We made comparing our lineup of work boots easy with the work boot comparison chart below. Which work boot is right for you?

Safety Work Boots

The entire purpose of buying a special pair of working boots is to keep your feet safe. Many jobs that demand physical labor require employees to wear ASTM 2413 approved boots. The American Society for Testing and Materials, known as ASTM, measures the effectiveness of work boots in the face of hazards like crushing forces and electrical discharge.

But in general, when most people hunt for work boots, they're concerned with the safety toe. At Magnum, the first question we usually hear from our customers is, “do I want steel or composite toed work boots?” And the answer completely depends on use.

What’s the difference between steel and comp toed work boots? It boils down to what matters most to you: raw stopping power or versatility.

Steel toed work boots

A steel toe cap can take more punishment than a composite toe cap. A steel toed work boot will not only stand up to heavier weights than a composite toed work boot, but they also prevent piercing forces better than composite materials. However, with advances in technology, composite safety toes are only slightly behind the weight-bearing threshold of steel safety toes.

The only Magnum work boot that has steel toe caps is the Austin. We don’t carry a ton of steel toed work boots because most men and women in the workforce prefer boots without metal hardware.

Composite Toed work boots

A composite toe cap is made of plastics, Kevlar, and carbon fiber. Composite toed work boots are starting to replace heavier steel toe work boots in the workplace for a number of reasons – the main one being that composite materials do not conduct heat.

Conduction can be a big problem out in the field depending on where you work. If you work outside, a steel toe can become very hot or very cold depending on climate, making for a very uncomfortable shift.

Another reason workers often choose composite over steel toe work boots is to easily pass through metal detectors. Some workers have to pass through a metal detector in order to get to the work site. For security reasons, the worker’s boots are usually required to be on while going through the detector.

The large majority of our work boots feature composite toe caps. Since composite safety toes are stronger than ever, more men and women in the workforce are opting for boots with composite safety toes. Boots like the Halifax, Baltimore, and Precision II are all composite toed.

Insulated Work Boots

Boots with insulation are ideal for working outside in cold temperatures. The insulated liner seals in warmth, keeping your feet happy when working hard in the cold. At Magnum, we recommend the Foreman’s work boot, a stylish and classic work boot.

Waterproof Work Boots

There just isn’t a reason to buy a pair of work boots that does not come pre-waterproofed. Unless you’re working outdoors in the Sahara Desert, there’s always a possibility that your boots will get wet. If and when they do, you’ll want waterproof work boots to keep moisture out. There's nothing quite like sloshing around in waterlogged boots for an entire shift.

At Magnum Boots, our entire collection of work boots is fully waterproofed. From the new Halifax to classics like the Precision Ultra Lite II, any boot you pick from Magnum features a waterproof lining.

Slip Resistant Work Boots

Depending on your line of work, slip resistant outsoles may just be invaluable to your safety. If you regularly have to traverse slick services like water or oil covered floors, work boots with slip resistant outsoles will make a big difference in keeping both feet on the ground.

At Magnum Boots, the majority of our work boots feature slip and oil resistant outsoles. Just look for the icon picture to the right. Choose from boots like the Precision Ultra Lite II to the steel toed Austin Mid.

Wrapping Up

There's a right work boot for every job. Remember to look for the boot that best suits your line of work. When browsing our site, look for the icons that detail safety features of each boot. See below for examples: