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Men to Womens Boot Size Conversion Chart

Did you know there isn’t much of a difference between womens boots and mens boots? All you need is a men to womens boot size conversion table to find a great pair of mens boots that will fit.Despite minor design differences, mens and womens boots mostly differ in size. Womens boots tend to run narrower than mens boots, but most women can comfortably wear mens boots.

Weight is the other key difference. Most womens boots weigh less than mens boots, but as long as they’re comfortable, the added weight of mens boots should not make a tremendous difference in comfort.

As a woman, buying mens combat boots online can be tricky because you can’t be entirely sure how the boot will fit. That’s why you should only shop from footwear retailers that offer a generous return policy like Magnum. Our 60-day comfort guarantee means you can send them back free of charge if the fit isn’t right.

The Womens Stealth Force is specifically built for women, but other than the Stealth Force Series, almost all of Magnum boots are unisex. If you’re a woman looking for a quality pair of police boots, use the men womens boot size conversion chart below to determine your size in mens.


Below is a list of Magnum’s range of unisex boots:

Viper Pro Series | Response Series | Elite Spider | Panther | Sport Mid Plus



Viper Pro Series

The Magnum Viper Pro Series features four distinct sizes: Viper 8.0, Viper 5.0, Viper 3.0, and Viper Low. Whether you prefer 8-inch boots to 3-inch low cut shoes, the Magnum Viper Pro is an ideal boot for women in law enforcement and EMS.

These are very comfortable tactical boots that translate effortlessly from mens sizes to womens sizes. The Viper Pro is well padded and provides excellent cushioning for short bursts. Included is an M-PACT sock liner to provide extra comfort when you need to hustle.

And if you’re looking for added features like a waterproof exterior, insulation, composite toe, or side zip, the Viper Pro Series offers these features in the 5.0 and 8.0 models.


Response Series

If you’re looking for military boots for your optional wear, the Response III 8.0 Desert Tan boot is for you. The entire Magnum Response Series is unisex, and can be easily converted to womens sizes with our chart.

The Response III 8.0 in desert tan is the only Magnum boot for women that meets the criteria for AR 670-1 army authorized boots.

However, the Response Series is another great option for women who need first responder boots. Each boot features an aggressive slip and oil rubber outsole for hauling ass when you need to most.

The Response Series is available in both 8-inch and 6-inch sizes, depending on your preference. Optional features include side-zip for getting in them quickly – recommended for first responders – and steel toe for added protection.


Elite Spider 8.0

These stylish womens combat boots combine the durability of a traditional work boot with the performance capabilities of an athletic shoe. They’re flexible yet durable, and perfect as all-around boots.

Customers who wear the Elite Spider 8.0 report using them for everything from work boots to hunting boots. They’re incredibly lightweight and comfortable, it feels like you’re not wearing boots at all. A vibram outsole ensures you can tackle the toughest terrain underfoot.

Panther 8.0

A great no metal hardware option for women, this premium tactical boot. The Panther is a Magnum classic for a few reasons. One, the durable exterior features polishable leather and 900 denier nylon uppers, making it a popular choice for active officers. Second, when you turn up the heat, the Panther's moisture wicking lining and removable insole means your feet will stay dry and cool after high performance.


Sport Mid Plus

Perfect for training, the Sport Mid Plus combines the feeling of a tactical boot with the build of an athletic shoe. Most Magnum customers wear the Sport Mid Plus on the track, as the shoe offers a cushioned EVA midsole composite shank for support on the go.

Wrapping Up

Don't let the Mens and Womens section of our website trip you up. If you're a woman looking for great tactical boots, almost all of our boots are unisex. Just buy the corresponding size in men's according to the chart above, and you'll be good to go.