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Magnum Blog

  • ASTM F2413 Work Boot Requirements

    In this guide, we'll discuss how the ASTM F2413-11 ranks safety work boots.
  • Compare Magnum Work Boots

    Navigate Magnum Work Boots with our easy to follow guide. Find which boots are waterproof, composite toe, or insulated for your job.
  • How to Pick the Best Work Boots for Your Job

    Every job is different. Let Magnum show you what work boot features are most valuable for your line of work.
  • Breaking in Work Boots Dos and Dont's

    Filling your boots up with water? Wrong. Putting them next to the radiator? Incorrect. Let Magnum show you in the ins and outs of breaking in new work boots.
  • Introducing Our New Blog

    Magnum introduces blog to complement durable workboots.

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