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Protect Your Feet At Work Without Sacrificing Comfort

Work BootsThere are many jobs that require heavy duty work boots to protect their employees from work related injuries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the US Department for Labor can actually make it a requirement that employees wear steel toe boots or safety shoes. If you have a job where a foot injury is a real and present danger you want to find a brand that will protect your whole foot , not just certain parts. Of injured workers wearing work boots, 85% were injured because the object hit an unprotected part. Just because you have to wear protective shoes doesn't mean you have to lose out on comfort, especially if you are at a job where you on your feet all day, comfort is a must.

The most common jobs in which work boots are needed are: law enforcement, military, EMS/first responders, and construction workers/laborers. All of these jobs are highly physical, and it's important to keep your feet safe and secure. If the shoes are too rigid or pinch in any way this will definitely impact how you work negatively. Look for work boots that are made from a high quality material, such as a durable leather. The better the quality, the longer they will last, and once they are worn in they should mold to your foot completely. Many preferred work boots are waterproof but still allow your skin to breathe. The boot should also provide excellent ankle support. Finally, make sure the bottom of the sole is made from solid rubber and is slip-resistant.

If you are in law enforcement try a dispatched duty boot. They can be closely compared to an athletic shoe and are made of leather and nylon, making them breathable and comfortable. Military officers and employees will benefit from combat boots, but they must follow the army boot regulations criteria. There are many lightweight, snug, combat boots available that are waterproof and perfect for any division of the military. As a construction worker or laborer look for a composite toe or steel toe work boot. People who work in factories and places where heavy industrial materials and equipment are being handled every day usually wear these. High traction outsoles are of the utmost importance too so that you can avoid any slips or falls while on the job. For EMS/First Responders flexibility, durability and comfort are of the utmost important. For such an active job look for work boots with a comfortable midsole and moisture wicking lining to prevent sweaty feet. Different jobs require different footwear but the one thing that they all have in common is comfort.

If you are looking for comfortable work boots online us.magnumboots.com should be high up on the search results. Magnum Stealth is the #1 selling uniform boot in the world. They provide shoes for all the occupations listed and all their work boots are customized with these employees in mind. They even have a collection of First Responder boots specifically made for EMS workers. Whether your job makes it a requirement to have safety protection shoes or you are making a personal choice to protect your feet don't sacrifice comfort for safety, you can have both.