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Safety Check: The Importance of Heavy Duty Work Boots on the Job

heavy duty work boots
Hard hats, safety goggles, gloves, and harnesses are all vital pieces of safety equipment on most construction and labor sites, and not just because it's the law. The ways they protect workers from accidents and injuries are both obvious and invaluable to any construction operation.

But what about our feet?

Heavy duty work boots are about more than comfort, performance, and stylish looks. They're also extremely important for workplace safety. Despite this, too many workers wear out a pair of work boots until they're literally falling apart.

Here a just a few of the ways that a good pair of boots can protect your feet -- and the rest of your body -- from common workplace hazards.

  • Traction: Heavy duty work boots provide high tread to safely move about the slippery or unfinished work spaces of a construction site. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 666 of the 4,600 fatal workplace injuries reported in 2012 were caused by falls, slips, or trips. Sturdy, high traction work boots can help prevent accidents like these with proper sole grip for the job.
  • Protection: Stepping on sharp objects or working with sharp tools can be very dangerous for unprotected feet. Among workers who suffer foot injuries, it's estimated that only 23% of them were wearing safety boots or shoes at the time of the workplace accident. Heavy duty work boots with steel-reinforced toes can guard against nail punctures, falling objects, or a slip of the chainsaw that could otherwise cause serious bodily harm.
  • Comfort: It's easy to overlook how important it is to have comfortable work boots on the job. But for workers and laborers who are on their feet all day, the right footwear can help combat fatigue as well as painful back problems later on. Alert and healthy workers are often more productive workers.

Proper safety footwear is as important for contractors and employers as it is for workers, and for so many reasons.

Reducing work-related accidents by just 10% has been shown to produce an annual savings of almost $60,000 for businesses. Investing in quality heavy duty work boots will not only provide safety, protection, and comfort to your employees, it'll help ensure that you get the job done quickly, efficiently, and as cost-effectively as possible.