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Steel Vs. Composite Toe: Which Work Boots Are Right For You?

Composite Toe BootsOne of the problems with work boots is that there are so many different types. Although having a wide selection isn't usually considered to be a bad thing, it can make your decision more difficult. When you're trying to figure out the best type of heavy duty work boots for you, you need to consider both your industry and the typical job site you work on.

Of course, at the end of the day, it's important to have comfortable work boots that provide protection for your feet. All boots should have ample toe room, which is about 12.5 mm from the front of the shoe. But when it comes down to it, you often have to make a determination between two main options: composite toe vs. steel toe boots. In order to help you decide, we've listed the pros and cons for both:

Composite toe boots

Composite toe boots pass all safety standards and offer a reasonable level of foot protection. They're made from non-metals like kevlar or plastics.

Pros: They're lighter than steel toe boots and much better for extreme temperatures.

Cons: Composite toe boots aren't as durable. They won't protect your feet as well as some of the best steel toe work boots because they can't handle as big an impact.

Steel toe boots

These work boots are considered to be a classic by many. They get their name from the toe-box that's made from heavy-duty steel.

Pros: They provide the best protection. Full stop. They'll keep your feet safe from equipment like chainsaws or from anything that should fall from a great height.

Cons: They're generally more expensive. They are also heavier, and some may find them to be less comfortable than other types of work boots. They'll also set off metal detectors, which can be a hassle.

Generally speaking, if you're looking to get the best possible protection money can buy, go for boots with a steel toe. They're better for more hazardous sites. But if you need to be a bit lighter on your feet and don't need to be as concerned with falling objects -- or you're working in an extremely hot or cold climate -- composite might be a better choice.

For all of your work boot needs, we're here to help. We have a huge selection of tactical and construction boots to suit all of your needs and to protect your feet in the toughest environments. Take a look around our site or contact us today for more information.