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  • Boot Care 101: How to Properly Care for and Maintain Your Combat Boots

    combat bootsIf you work in a field that requires you to wear waterproof work boots or combat boots, you know the importance of taking care of them. Approximately $70 is spent per employee on foot protection annually, but the price of maintaining that footwear might be a little higher than you originally thought.

    If you're not sure how to take care of your heavy duty work boots, you've come to the right place. We're about to tell you exactly what you need to know in order to keep those combat boots in tip top shape for a very long time. Here's what you need to be doing.

    Break Them in Properly
    Breaking in a pair of boots doesn't mean wearing them out to your first nine-hour day on the job site. Instead, you should take up to a week to break them in from the comfort of your home. Wear them around the house for a few hours every day before you wear them on the job. This will allow the leather to become more pliable, and it will allow the boots to better conform to your feet.

    You can do this during or after breaking your boots in, but it's preferable for the leather to be pliable before you attempt to massage any oils in. Even more importantly, you need to do this before those beautiful boots ever set foot outside of your home. They should be prepared to handle just about anything the weather can throw at them.

    Invest in a Dryer
    A shoe dryer might seem like an unnecessary addition to your maintenance routine, but trust us when we say it's a good investment. If water gets inside your boots where the waterproofing oil can't go, a dryer will do you wonders, and in all likelihood, make your boots last longer.

    Doing a simple inspection every now and again while you clean your steel toe boots can be highly beneficial to making your shoes last longer. Simply check for any tears, stains, or loose seams.

    Caring for combat boots isn't all that difficult, but it's going to save you time and money in the long run. Don't wait to start performing proper maintenance on your shoes.

  • 3 Necessary Items For Any Hard Worker

    comfortable tactical bootsPerforming difficult tasks at work every day can be tough on both your mind and your body. With all due respect to cubicle-dwelling office workers, there is no doubt that physically taxing occupations just take more out of a person. That's why it's important that you prepare yourself before these strenuous jobs, and equip yourself with all the necessary items and tools that will make the job easier, safer, and less punishing on your body.

    Here are a few items that every hardworking person should pick up before their next shift.

    Comfortable Tactical Boots
    If you want to protect your feet during the job, heavy duty work boots are essential. And if you're looking for the ultimate in foot protection, military-grade tactical boots are your best bet. Each year, about $70 is spent on foot protection for every worker in the country, and in some cases those equipment purchases can be deducted from your taxes.

    When you utilize comfortable tactical boots, you'll be able to work long hours, long weeks, and have a long career without ever injuring your feet. The average person walks around 10,000 steps a day, but hard laborers often walk three times that in a single day. Can you imagine frequently walking that much with no protection on your feet? If you can't imagine working without your feet, you shouldn't work without heavy duty shoes like comfortable tactical boots.

    Strong Work Gloves
    Hand protection is just as important as foot protection. You might be working in fields that require you to handle sharp objects, heavy lifting, and exposure to chemicals that can cause serious harm if you're not careful. Strong work gloves can help protect you from hand abrasions, lacerations, and any chemically related injuries. The job, whatever it may be, has to get done, but you should also make sure it gets done in the safest way possible. Durable gloves can help you do that.

    Organizational Planner
    A planner might not sound as rugged and tough as tactical boots and gloves, but the best workers know organization is key to success. You can have the strongest gear and equipment in the world, but if you are unsure of what to do next it's basically useless. A planner can easily be kept in your pocket (and you don't have to call it a planner), but it will certainly help you organize your daily tasks and become even more efficient than before.

    Don't let a lack of safety equipment keep you off the job. If your boots, gloves, goggles, and other gear is looking a little worse for the wear, make sure you upgrade before it's too late.

  • Caring for Your Tactical Boots: Tips for a Long Life

    Caring for Your Tactical Boots: Tips for a Long LifeThe right pair of tactical boots can make all the difference when you're out in the field. Comfortable boots that also protect your feet are among the most valuable investments you can make for your personal safety and performance, so keeping them in good shape should be a top priority.

    With just a little bit of routine care and maintenance, you can keep your tactical boots working, looking, and feeling the way they should for years to come. Follow these tips to get the same performance out of your combat boots that your commanding officer expects out of you.

    Give yourself time to break in a new pair of boots
    Don't wait until the minute before your deployment or until after your old boots are in tatters to start breaking in your new boots. Make sure they have ample toe room (about 12.5mm between your toes and the front) and a secure heel to avoid blisters. Protect them with oil or waterproofing material if necessary before you wear them out in the field. Start out using them for short intervals of time before you have to commit for an all-day mission.

    Keep them clean and dry
    Even the best waterproof boots can succumb to wet environments over time, including the kind produced by your own feet. A person in an active job moving around all day can sweat up to 200ml of perspiration every day through their feet, so it's important to allow tactical boots ample time to dry out between uses to minimize bacterial build-up.

    Pro Tip: If the inside of your boots get soaking wet, stuff newspapers in them overnight. The paper will soak up moisture while you sleep, leaving you with dry, comfortable tactical boots for the next day's assignment.

    Consider a back-up
    Chances are, your boots are going to get dirty every day, which means they need time to be cleaned and dried between uses. That's why two pairs of boots are better than one, especially if anything should suddenly happen to your best pair. The industrial market for safety boots and shoes, rubber and plastic boots, and foot and leg guards in the U.S. is $1 billion, and there's no shortage of options.

    You can easily find discount tactical boots for sale and army authorized boots that meet AR 670-1 criteria. Purchase two pairs of boots you already know you like now to save you from having to start from scratch every time you need a new shoe.

    Pro Tip: If you need these shoes for work, you can most likely write off the expenses on your tax returns.

    Never underestimate the power of a good tactical boot. Give yourself the power and protection you need from the ground up by taking care of your boots with the same attention you'd give any other piece of tactical equipment.

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