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Care Instructions

ion-mask™ technology is a breakthrough in surface enhancement. It works at a molecular level, binding invisibly to the surfaces of products, giving them an extraordinary ability to repel most liquids. The benefits are as transparent as the technology itself. With minimal consumption and negligible waste, ion-mask enhancement represents a quantum leap in footwear technology.

For more informatiion please visit Magnum ion-mask™.

All products featuring this description are waterproof. The ion-mask™ process enhances the naturally water-resistant materials in these boots, such as leather. Instead of limiting the breathability of the materials by using standard waterproofing technologies, WPi boots are just as breathable as non-waterproof boots. This lets your feet stay dry from the inside out, since the sweat is allowed to escape freely.

ion-mask™ HYDROPHOBIC boots are not designed to be waterproof. For example open mesh desert boots will allow water inside the boot simply by their design. With Hi-Tec ion-mask™ products, the surface of every fibre is enhanced.

All HPi products are hydrophobic meaning the upper material fibres absorb much less water. This ensures that your boots dry quicker and are lighter. ion-mask™ HYDROPHOBIC boots also help to keep dirt at bay so your boots also stay cleaner.

With heavy use, the surface of the materials may become blocked with dirt and may require cleaning to ensure the technology retains its functionality.

If your boots do need cleaning, gently apply a soft, water-damp cloth to the area. A gentle dabbing action should remove the foreign particles and fully drying the product in a warm area (not too hot) will regenerate the liquid repellency.

Do not use any alcohol based fluids/chemicals for cleaning as this will impede the ion-mask™ technology. Please do not machine wash. Polishing/shining boots will not have a negative effect on the ion-mask™ technology. MAGNUM compatible boot care products are available from most footwear retailers.