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Magnum History

1974 Hi-Tec Sports founded by Frank Van Wezel

Hi-Tec Sports was founded in 1974 in the appropriately named village of Shoeburyness, in Essex, England. Hi-Tec’s original success grew from the breakthrough design and development of Hi-Tec's first ever shoe, the Hi-Tec Squash, specifically designed for the then fast growing game of squash. An industry benchmark then and now, few shoes in athletic footwear history have recorded unit sales of over 18 million pairs worldwide to date. The Hi-Tec Squash remains Britain's all time best selling sports shoe model to this day.

1982 Hi-Tec Magnum is born

Hi-Tec Magnum is born through a demand from the FBI training centre at Quantico, Virginia, USA, for lightweight, athletically built black tactical boots. Until this point the officers were wearing the Hi-Tec Sierra Lite Hiking boot but the request came for an all black, high top version with a shineable toe, giving birth to the original tactical boot constructed using sports shoe materials.

1983 The first ever Hi-Tec Magnum tactical boot hits the market.

Once the FBI spread the word, the demand came to supply this product nationwide, as more law enforcement and security personnel wanted the comfort and super light performance of this groundbreaking product.

1985 Investment is made in R&D to increase the Hi-Tec Magnum collection

As demand grew for this type of boot, we invested a lot of time in researching what the end user wanted from Magnum boots. The end users told us that there was a need for several variations of the popular style in a mid cut, including the boot being available in full leather, waterproof and steel toe versions.

1990 first ever complete global Magnum footwear collection is launched

Once Magnum was well established across the USA, the demand from around the world increased, which meant that the collection needed to appeal to different climates, tastes and approaches to uniform requirements. A global Magnum footwear collection was created.

1998 Magnum advisory council is established

In 1998 Magnum set up its own dedicated Magnum Advisory Committee (MAC), referring back to the end-user for valuable feedback and guidance. MAC comprised of members of the various emergency services and Military forces working alongside the Magnum Development Team testing and advising on all new product development in their day-to-day work environment. This helps to ensure all Magnum footwear is truly ‘Fit for Purpose’ and continues to exceed end-user requirements.

2002 Magnum officially separates from Hi-Tec

In 2001 Magnum officially separated from Hi-Tec to become a stand alone brand. As the Magnum business grew, it became apparent that Magnum could stand on its own two feet as a brand, backed up by dedicated design, development, sales and marketing teams. Magnum had come of age.

2003 The Elite Force series becomes the first ever globally certified tactical footwear collection

For the highly trained officer demanding the very best in materials, features, materials, comfort and performance. The Elite Force series is built to the highest technical and design standards. Gaining high praises from law enforcement personnel and gear reviewers alike, the Elite Series can easily be touted as the most progressive line of tactical footwear in the industry.

2006 Magnum Stealth is the #1 selling uniform boot in the world.

Sold in 80 countries around the world. The first choice for Law Enforcement, Ambulance, Fire and Security Professionals. Lightweight Athletic comfort, yet built like a battleship!

2010 Spider collection; The species evolves

Pushing the Boundaries of Industry leading design innovation. The highest performance boot for the hightest performing special operators. The Exo Skeletal frame cradles the ankle and foot for maximum support, allowing maximum weight reduction without any compromise in performance.

2011 Magnum Work Collection

Magnum is bringing its expertise to new sectors with the launch of an occupational collection. Now, professionals in all sectors can benefit from Magnum’s experience with the brand new Magnum Work Collection featuring progressively styled, athletically inspired footwear designed for the food service, health care, service industry, construction and industrial occupations.

2012 Magnum wins SATRA PPE Innovation Award for 'Best Innovation in Safety Footwear'

Reflecting the major growth of personal protective equipment (PPE) the SATRA PPE Innovation award recognize the manufacturers of PPE products, components and processes that push boundaries in technical innovation. Magnum Boots was the recipient of the "Best Innovation in Safety Footwear" for fabric innovation in our Sidewinder Multicam boot. We also received the award for "Best Contribution to PPE Production Efficiency" for our breathable membrane technology.


Magnum is truly a global brand, continuing to deliver high quality, innovative, fit for purpose footwear. We are the first choice for Law Enforcement, Ambulance, Fire, Security, Healthcare & Service, Construction and industrial professionals.