Steel Toe & Composite Toe

Steel Toe & Composite Toe

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One of the main reasons you wear boots is to protect your feet from harm’s way. Ensuring you choose the right work boot is imperative. Sometimes, that calls for the rugged protection of steel toe or composite toe boots. Magnum boots are designed for maximum performance and comfort, even in our most durable boots. All of our steel toe work boots are ASTM-approved, so you can rest easy knowing you have the right boot for the job.

The Difference Between Composite Toe and Steel Toe

While steel toe boots contain an actual piece of steel, a composite toe is comprised of several composite materials including: Kevlar, plastics and carbon fiber. They are significantly lighter and do not contain any metals. Besides being lightweight, composite toe boots stay warmer in cold weather, and are metal detector safe (good for security personnel, airport workers, etc.)