Stealth Force 8.0 Side Zip Composite Toe

Black - Weighs just 22.2 ounces
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Magnum Footwear carries a 1-Year Warranty and 60-day Comfort Guarantee All Magnum footwear is backed by a 1 Year Warranty and a 60-Day Comfort Guarantee. We guarantee our consumers will be completely satisfied with our products.

  • Full grain leather / 1680 denier ballistic heavy duty nylon mesh upper
  • YKK side-zipper for quick donning & doffing
  • ASTM-Approved composite safety toe
  • Cambrelle® moisture-wicking lining
  • Agion™ antimicrobial treatment - silver based formula inhibits the growth of microbes
  • Coats Barbour anti-fraying stitching thread
  • Metal detector safe with durable non-metallic composite hardware
  • Tested & certified to European standard EN ISO 20347:2004 for occupational footwear
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Anti-static construction
  • Composite shank
  • Compression-molded EVA midsole
  • Abrasion-resistant heel kick pad
  • M-PACT contoured sockliner with memory foam - molds to the shape of your feet
  • Flex-Zone with siping for traction and control
  • X-Traction Zone outsole combines ten advanced features to ensure stable footing
  • Magnum style #5310

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  • Leather and fabric defects including inside lining
  • Outsole separation not caused by heat
  • Hardware, eyelet, and zipper defects
  • Shank defects not caused by impact or excessive bending
  • Safety toe defects not caused by impact or excessive bending

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All Magnum footwear is backed by a 60-Day Comfort Guarantee. We guarantee our consumers will be completely satisfied with the comfort and fit of our boots or Magnum will issue a full refund within 60 days of the original purchase date.

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Stealth Force 8.0 Side Zip Composite Toe

About the Stealth Force 8.0 Side Zip Composite Toe

Avoid detection on the beat in the Magnum Stealth Force 8.0 collection - there's a reason it's the #1 selling tactical boot on the market. The polishable full grain and denier nylon upper of this men's tactical boot won’t waste a second breaking in; the lace-up front panel entry with optional side-zip ensures the perfect fit, while the optional i-shield surface enhancement technology provides an additional layer of water & oil and bodily fluid resistance; an Agion™ antibacterial treatment, with the moisture-wicking lining keep feet dry and healthy in the Magnum Stealth Force 8.0 collection. The M-P.A.C.T. three density memory foam sockliner, compression molded EVA impact absorbing midsole and X-Traction zone deep lugged rubber outsole with ladder grips work together to form a cushioned, protective barrier between you and your terrain to battle body fatigue.

Customer Reviews

Love Magnum Review by gee
I'm in scout and just recently I went to a summer school up in NC in the mountains. I wore them all camp and I fell in the stream and these dried up really fast. Very durable and very well built boot. (Posted on 7/5/13)
Like Wearing Your Favorite Sneakers Review by Ryan
My Stealth Force 8.0 SZ CT boots have been on my feet for 24 hours a day, 10+ days a month. I've been wearing this boot for over a year now and they were provided by my department and they still rockin'. They require absolutely zero break-in time and are comfortable right out of the box. I'm in the process of ordering another pair with my own money seeing as I missed the deadline for uniform ordering this year. I thought about trying a different brand that a lot of people have recommended and swear by, but I literally just tried a pair of those on that a coworker had, and Magnums are by far much more comfortable. My coworker tried my boots and is now wishing he bought Magnums.

They look great, and you feel like you're wearing your best pair of sneakers all day. These boots flat out perform and live up to every expectation from a boot. They slip on and off easily, but most of the time they're just so comfortable you don't want to take them off. The laces hold up well, the boot takes a beating and still looks good, easy to keep clean, and overall outstanding as far as comfort. The side-zip comes up the boot on a slight curve which really opens them up and makes going in or coming out of them easy. The tread holds up and sticks to whatever surface you can throw at it. They're very lightweight and barely feel like they're on -- I will probably never wear anything but Magnums for the rest of my career. I just wish that some of the newer styles like the Elite's came with composite toe (as required by my department). The ball's in your court, Magnum! (Posted on 1/16/13)
GOOD BOOTS Review by Chris
I've had my set of these for a couple of years now. Amazingly comfortable even on concrete for 14+ hours a day. They fit well and are well priced. Only issues I've found is the toe height, too high for my motorcycle shifter, and sliding my foot in and out, they need a loop on the back to pull them on. Overall a REALLY good pair of boots. (Posted on 1/16/13)
Amazing Boot Review by Xander
I am a general contractor who has been in every environment available to me with this boot, and wow – it has never let me down. I frequently do marathon shifts and it means a lot to still be comfortable after 24+ hours in your work boots. I actually owe Magnum a huge thank you for saving my ankle. I had slipped on ice one winter and all my weight came straight down on my over-turned foot. After an ER visit, the doctor informed me that the boot saved my ankle from being completely destroyed. The boot only allowed my ankle to turn so far before it transferred the force to my leg and fractured my leg. The doctor said that boot saved me from having reconstructive surgery on my ankle, and for that I say thank you. I'm very pleased with the evolution of the side zipper; it functions much better with my 3rd pair and doesn't get hung up. The full tread sole is a lifesaver as I am constantly up and down wet ladders, and the extra tread is priceless. I honestly prefer to wear my boots even outside of work (when the wife permits). They are just too comfortable to want to leave at home. I hate to do it, but I do have some things I think could use a bit of work. The area covering the composite toe wears out rather fast for me, usually within 6 to 8 mos. That may be a sign I'm crawling around on the floor way too much, but the toe becomes exposed and things get into the boot. Also, at the bending point while crouching, the leather wears an opening where it meets the sole also creating an opening for things to enter the boot, which again may be a sign that I'm kneeling way too much. But heck, for two minor issues I recommend these boots to all my co-workers, as they are the finest things I've ever put on my feet. I am actually about to try and enlist in the military soon and rest assured, I will want my Magnums on my feet wherever I may go. I want to thank you guys at Magnum for allowing guys like me to put in our two cents. Keep up the great work. I'm looking forward to purchasing my 4th pair in the very near future. (Posted on 1/16/13)
Machinist Review by John
Starting my third year in these boots. Still have plenty of tread, just starting to consider a new pair. They go through different oils, coolants, and hot sharp chips everyday, and saved my toes a number of times. The best boot I have ever had. The only suggestion I can make is to come up with a method to tidy up the hanging laces. (Posted on 1/16/13)
I will admit, I'm a real boot-killer. My boots generally go on at 6:00 a.m. and don't come off my feet until 9:00 p.m. every day. I'm always glad when a pair of boots makes it one year. I picked up these Magnum Stealth Force 8.0 SZ CT boots almost two years ago and it definitely has me hooked on Magnum boots. They're not perfect – I'll get to that later on – but they've exceeded my expectations.

I've always had trouble with excessively sweaty feet. In the past, I've literally had to leave my boots outside at the end of the day, as they'd stink up the whole house. Not so with these Magnums. My feet still sweat to some extent, but they don't stink. The comfort is really what I like about these boots. I can stand on concrete all day and not get footsore.

I've had two problems with these boots that I would like to mention. First is the side zipper; I definitely think it could be improved. Mine broke about one year in. It tore at the bottom, and at first I was able to open the zipper almost all the way, but the tear got progressively longer until I was no longer able to zip the zipper down far enough to get my foot out. After that, I wasn't able to keep the zipper closed. Because the rest of the boot was still in decent shape and I really liked wearing them, I simply super-glued the whole zipper permanently shut, purchased an 8-hole front zipper from Magnum and never looked back. Because of this experience, my next purchase will probably be a non-zipper boot with a Magnum front service zipper that I can replace myself (I think zippers are the best thing to happen to boots and can't imagine going back to laces). The second problem is the safety toe. A hole started developing in the leather over the toe quite a while ago, and has slowly gotten larger. This has only happened on the right foot, I because it's because I frequently kneel on my right knee, causing the right toe to scrape on the concrete. I will probably try a non-safety toe boot next time.

I can't say enough good about the soles. The tread has held up very well, and traction is excellent in all conditions. As a volunteer rescue squad member, traction is super important. These boots have helped me carry gurneys through mud, ice and snow with confidence.

To sum up my experience, these boots have well exceeded my expectations (as well as the life of competitor's boots) and have certainly earned Magnum another satisfied customer. (Posted on 1/16/13)
BEST I'VE OWNED Review by Tim
I've had these for about a year. Not one part has started to degrade. They fit great from day one. I've worn them for days straight at times outside and inside. In the rain they have never leaked. In the summer that stayed cool. The stitching held up far better than any other boot or sneaker I've had. Their light, durable, and look great. Thank you. (Posted on 1/16/13)
MOSTLY GOOD BUT... Review by Jim
Full time fire investigator for a career fire department. Got these boots 1/2011, when my old magnum boots were worn out. I love the composite safety toe. Took about 2 weeks to fully break in, but overall pretty comfortable after that. They clean up fairly well, and they still look decent after a fresh polish. The stiching on the zipper pulled out in one spot so the zipper needs to be replaced. I called Magnum and the boots are out of warranty, so I will get the zipper replaced at a local shop. The back of the heel is starting to come unglued in one spot as well. I expected the boots to hold up a little longer than a year and a half before needing to be repaired, but I guess that's a little much to ask for boots you wear every day (Posted on 1/16/13)
The best Review by Scott
You have no idea how pissed I am that my company will not allow us to purchase these anymore from our boot vendor. I've had mine 3 years now, they actually do get more and more comfortable as the years go by, very light weight. When I get home from work, I leave them on to walk my dogs! My soles are finally wearing out, so I guess I'll have to call Santa. (Posted on 11/24/12)
Tactical Ergonomic Foot Tank Review by Stuarts' StealthForce 8.0
I've worn the 8.0 StealthForce Boots for almost a year in Crowd Control duties.
The more worn,the better they feel & there's Never an outcome of crushed toes alleviating mosh pit turbulence. These boots are like Foot Tanks & I'm sure they've held me up at times, protecting foot arthritis under its roomy toe box.
Side zips do Not work at solely taking off the boots,-Magnum provide quicker release options selling zip up lace inserts, but at the expense of a slightly looser boot fit.
Magnum have Proved their Superiority above many other brands in my opinion.
Consumers should be particular with Ergonomic Support,-Enhancing the Individuals' Natural Mechanical Movements,since weight dispersion dynamics begin from our feet upwards,regulating us to our Environment. (Posted on 5/28/12)
Tried and True Review by Chad Thompson
I have worn these boots every day for close to three years running. They started at "comfortable right out of the box" and are still that way today. Worn, beaten, and tortured, they still get me where I need to go and are my go-to boot for almost every time I walk out the door. I have abused these boots and they have held up to everything but walking the soles off.

Two and a half years in, my soles finally gave up the ghost and I had them replaced. These boots said "Thanks, Mate!" and kept on keeping my feet comfy across all seasons and many types of terrain. They carry me cozy from jobsite to jobsite at work, they carry me silently from tag to tag in airsoft. I will be purchasing a new pair soon, and I'm trying to convince my wife that she needs them, too.

Thanks, Magnum! (Posted on 5/17/12)